Day Trips

Our region is rich in opportunities to enhance and improve our curriculum. The full spectrum of outdoor education activities offer exciting and motivating visits that raise achievement in our pupils, and to broaden their life experiences. In particular, learning outside the school environment stimulates and reinforces positive attitudes to learning and behaviour. There is a focus on personal and social interactions and we build on strengths and interests of the pupils to develop confidence and interpersonal skills. The close interaction with the environment can do much to develop young people’s awareness and understanding of issues such as sustainability.

The scope of educational visits is forever growing and changing. Recent visits include;

  • Alice Holt
  • Cove Brook
  • Farnborough Airport
  • RHS Wisley
  • The Gilbert White Centre
  • The Houses of Parliament
  • Rushmoor Borough Council Offices

Residential Trips

At Cove, we feel the opportunities that residential visits offer are invaluable to a child’s development. The chance to be away from home, to make decisions for themselves, to take controlled risks, to support and to be supported by peers, are just a few of the many reasons that we value residential visits. We currently offer two residential trips during the school year.

Our Year 4 pupils have the opportunity to go to Calshot for two nights. This trip includes activities such as wind surfing, skiing, rifle shooting, rock climbing and sailing. During these sessions the pupils will push themselves to new limits, and succeeding in ways they never imagined. This trip is usually runs over a weekend early in the summer term.

Our Year 6 pupils face a very different challenge. This year we travelled to Wales, to Hampshire’s mountain centre. The focus for this trip was, ‘If I can do that, I can do anything’. During the trip, the pupils went caving, climbed a mountain, canoed a river and climbed a gorge. However, this was not the end of the challenges… they made their own breakfast and packed lunch; and worked with their group they prepared an evening meal for all 46 people.

Calshot 2023

Further information regarding the planned trip for Year 4 to Calshot in July 2023 can be found here.