Road Safety


We all know that the pace of life can be hectic at times but taking a few minutes at the start and end of the day to talk about our day is really valuable for us all, and really helps the pupils to feel settled and calm when they are in school as well. It is also gives the adults and pupils in our community a great chance to be a little more active. Alternatively, this is a great way to start to develop independence your child, allowing them to walk the last part of their journey on their own.

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Thinking about these benefits, we have some great news. “Safer Streets” is an initiative that we at Cove Junior School have been working on for some time now. Our over arching aim is to make travelling to and from school safer, and more enjoyable for parents and pupils. The project really fits into three strands;





– Raising awareness of the dangers that our pupils face in the real world.

– Reducing the speed and levels of traffic along Fernhill Road.

– Reducing the number of cars parked on Fernhill Road and other surrounding side streets.

– Setting up “Park and Stride” sites.

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– Building bike sheds and scooter racks to give pupils and parents more options over how they travel to and from school.

– Open a second access gate to the school site.

– Reshaping the waiting area and increasing the size of the gate access.

– Widening the footpath at the front of the school.



– Training Junior Road Safety Officers and assisting them in their role.

– Ensuring that year 5 pupils under go their Bikeability training.

– Continuing education for all pupils on “Stranger Danger”, staying safe online, anti-social behaviours

–  Through reward schemes such as, “Walk Once a Week” reinforce healthy, active life-styles.


We have made huge steps towards achieving our aims. We have already created a safe area for pupils to store their bikes and scooters, with a new access gate. We have enlarged the off road waiting area in readiness for the new boundary fence. We have an increasing number of parents and pupils choosing the ride or scooter to school, and have given out more than 30 “Park and Stride” badges. We have even had our first “Biker’s Breakfast” where the pupils were able to have a go on the “Smoothie Bike”, and our first “Doctor Bike” where the pupils’ bikes underwent a safety check.





On the map below you can see the location of our “Park and Stride” site. If you would like further information please contact our admin