School Pets – Moonlight and Shadow

Moonlight and Shadow, the school guinea pigs, joined the Cove Junior family in January 2024. They were chosen to be our school pets by our School Council who were involved in a trip to choose them from a local pet shop. They have their own timetable and spend a week in each classroom at a time. We invite children and their families to volunteer to take care of Moonlight and Shadow for weekends and holidays. Taking care of Moonlight and Shadow for a weekend or holiday is very simple – please see the Caring for the Guinea-Pigs guide. We will celebrate their birthday at the end of January, usually with a Mufti Day, when we welcome donations towards their upkeep.




For the Spring Term Moonlight and Shadow will be spending their week days as follows:

Week Commencing:
29th January –  Vulcan Class
5th February – Merlin Class
19th February – Comet Class
26th February – Tornado Class
4th March – Lightning Class
11th March – Spitfire Class
18th March – Hurricane Class
25th March – Lancaster Class