JRSO (Junior Road Safety Officer)


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First things first!

As an official JRSO, our first mission is to introduce ourselves in a school assembly!  When we have completed our training with Hampshire County Council we want to start planning talks in assemblies to get the rest of your school involved.

Win, win, win!

We also plan on holding exciting competitions will get everyone in your school interested in road safety, so keep watching this page for more news.

Throughout the year we will be putting up posters around the school on topics such as “Walk to School Week” so we can remind everyone how to stay safe.

Stay Safe! Follow the Green Cross Code

When walking to school, to your friend’s house or anywhere in between, use the pavement where there is one. It’s important to follow simple rules before crossing any road. These rules are called the Green Cross Code.

  1. First find a safer place to cross, then stop.
  2. Stand
  3. Look and listen in all directions for any traffic and think about what you are doing.
  4. Cross when there is no traffic and there is enough time to get to the other side without running.
  5. If you are unsure don’t cross.
  6. Keep looking and listening for traffic as you cross the road.
  7. Walk straight across the road. Do not run.

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Out and about – Being seen

Drivers are more likely to see you if you’re wearing lighter coloured clothing – especially when it’s dark. You’ll be seen even better at night if you wear reflective clothes, as they reflect car headlights.

Weather warning

Ice, snow and even wet leaves on the ground not only make it more slippery when you’re walking on the roads and pavements, but drivers will find it harder to control their car and will take longer to stop. If it’s rainy, misty, or foggy, they may be less likely to see you too. So remember to be extra careful in bad weather!

Helping parents and carers be street safe

If you’re driven to school, remind whoever drops you off not to park on either the zig-zag lines outside your school, or on a crossing. The lines are there to make it easier for people to cross the road safely. Your driver also needs to remember to stop for the School Crossing Patrol Officer. Though it may take a bit longer, it’s much safer to use our “Park and Stride” scheme at Blunden Hall and walk to school.