Tech Ninjas Internet Safety Advice

As Tech Ninjas, it is our job to help prevent the children in our school from falling for scams, like free Robux if you give your bank details or many other tricks.


Think twice before you click on anything that says you can get free stuff. This is a phishing scam that tries to trick you into handing over your account information.

Also, if you get a suspicious message from anyone asking for your name, phone number, password, or any other personal information, you should ignore or delete it immediately.

If you do see something on your device that may seem too good to be true, it probably is. We like to be very careful when the children in our school community use their devices because anything could happen to them online. You can only trust people that you have met in the real world. If you do make friends online, you can still talk to them but don’t tell them your name, address or personal details.


Tips to help with cyber bullies:

  • Don’t share your password
  • Keep your personal information personal.
  • Don’t use links that you aren’t sure about.
  • Always ask a grown up before going into websites.
  • Don’t trust online friends unless you know they are nice and trustworthy.
  • If you are playing a game they might try and give you game currency do not trust them because they might take your money.