School Dinners

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Lunchtime at Cove Juniors begins at 12:15. We have an experienced team of seven Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants who work together to make sure that lunchtimes run as smoothly as possible and ensure that the pupils have a range of activities to keep them occupied.


As with many Hampshire Schools, our catering is provided by HC3S. They offer meals at £2.15 per day which can be paid online, once you have be registered. There is no need to notify us in advance as you can decide on a day-by-day basis whether your child has a packed lunch or a school dinner.


In the autumn and spring term the pupils can choose from the red option (which contain fish or meat) or the green option (vegetarian choice, although they do not need to be a vegetarian to pick this option). Then in the summer term they can also pick a yellow option (a picnic style lunch). The staff at HC3S are experienced at catering for different dietary needs, including different allergies, and can provide meals that are gluten or dairy free, as long as they know in advance.