Off We Go…

At Cove, we feel the opportunities that residential visits offer are invaluable to a child’s development. The chance to be away from home, to make decisions for themselves, to take controlled risks, to support and to be supported by peers, are just a few of the many reasons that we value residential visits. 

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We currently offer three amazing residential visits for our pupils, which enables over 110 pupils to go each year.

Our pupils in year 4 go to Avon Tyrrell in the New Forest. During their fun filled 3 days they will face many exciting challenges that are designed to develop their teamwork skills and ability to be independent.

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In May, our Year 5 pupils will have the opportunity to really explore their adventurous side at Calshot. This will include activities such as wind surfing, skiing, rifle shooting, rock climbing and sailing. During these sessions the pupils will push themselves to new limits, and succeeding in ways they never imagined.

Then in year 6... the big one! In the summer term, our pupils have the chance to challenge themselves but in a completely different way. A week in northern France, where they will explore historic places like Rouen, Mont Saint Michel and Bayeux, where they will discover the real France, where they will explore where their own culture has come from, where they will test their language skills and their courage to use them, where they will travel far from home but have such an amazing time. Their memories will stay with them for many years to come.